From the Principal

I trust that from visiting our website you will gain an insight into the unique character of our College.

In a girls’ school, girls learn and lead in an atmosphere of approval.  Everything we do is designed to ensure girls reach their full potential as we open up for girls the extraordinary range of career pathways available to them. 

Our student population is an ideal size for providing a balance between offering a broad curriculum and providing a vibrant, supportive, learning community.  Here students can strive for excellence. //more

Latest from the Principal


We are incredibly blessed at OLSH with the people in our Leadership Team. I am constantly in awe of their hard work, efficiency, leadership qualities, persistence and absolute fearlessness in leading change so that we provide the best education for every individual. //more



What's Happening

Languages Week

There are so many words we use daily that have been adopted from other languages. Words such as banana (West African), trek (Afrikaans), candy (Arabic), bundle (Dutch), typhoon (Chinese) and many more have been borrowed from other cultures and assimilated into the English language.  //more

Year 8 Retreat

Last term the Year 8s gathered together at Enfi eld Community Centre for the Year 8 Retreat. Our theme was in contrast to the overcast, rainy weather of the day: 'Shine Your Light'. //more

Southern Cross - August 2014 Edition

Southern Cross August edition just released  //more

2014 College Tours

Our final College Tour for 2014 is scheduled for Monday 3 November, 9:30am. However you are more than welcome to schedule an individual tour or drop in on any Tuesday for an informal walk with Leadership from 9:00am.  //more

2015 OLSH Scholarships

Scholarship applications for 2015 are due Friday 26 September (final day of Term 3).  //more

Sun Protection – UV Alert

OLSH strives to ensure our students are aware of the effects of UV even on cool and overcast days so they can protect themselves from the sun. With changes in weather, it’s important to check the UV alert daily. //more