2021 Awards

2021 Awards

2021 Awards 

We congratulate the following award recipients:


The ADF Long Tan - Youth Leadership and Teamwork Awards recognise a Year 10 and 12 student who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the school and the broader community They also displays strong values, such as doing one’s best, respect for others and “mateship”, that are integral to Australian society. The establishment of the ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Awards is an initiative of the Australian Government designed to encourage senior students, tomorrow’s leaders, to actively participate in the life of their school and local community. The 2021 Year 10 Long Tan Award and cheque for $250 is awarded to Shinepreet. The Year 12 Long Tan Award and cheque for $550 is awarded to Han Mi (Mihan).


The Australian Defence Force Future Innovators STEM Award has been designed to recognise recipients’ science and mathematics abilities highlighting the value the Navy, Army and Air Force place on STEM skills. The award recognises a student who demonstrates innovation and motivation in the learning areas of STEM within their school and who displays strong personal values such as doing ones’ best. The recipient of this award studied Stage 2 Biology, Chemistry, Maths Methods and Specialist Maths. In 2019 she won an Oliphant Science award and in 2020 participated in the STEM Girls Program. The recipient of this inaugural award is Jhanavi.


The Ampol Best All Rounder Award has earned a reputation for being one of Australia’s most respected secondary education recognition programs. It is presented to a final year student, acknowledging their all-round contributions to their school and community. Recipients excel in six key categories Academic, Attitude, Personal, Leadership, Service and Sport. The recipient of the Ampol Best All Rounder Award is Elyse.


The Muriel Matters award is presented to an OLSH student from Years 7 - 12 who shows initiative and is involved in democratic processes to promote change in their school and/or local community; thus, making a difference for others. The award aims to recognise outstanding students committed to making real change in the community. The recipient of the inaugural Muriel Matters award is Sahibjot.


The Domina Nostra Award, from the Latin translation of “Our Lady”, has been awarded since 2007 to the student from Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 who most demonstrates the OLSH Spirit in their daily actions and interactions. The students encourage the community to reflect on the Sacred Heart goals of the school and more broadly, the Christian values that are relevant and applicable to our daily lives.
The 2021 Domina Nostra Award recipients are:
Domina Nostra Year 7 - Cleo
Domina Nostra Year 8 - Ngoc Tram Anh (Sue)
Domina Nostra Year 9 - Madison
Domina Nostra Year 10 - Evie
Domina Nostra Year 11 - Laura


This award is given in recognition of the service senior students have given to others. They have demonstrated a genuine commitment to helping students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 improve their numeracy and literacy skills. Peer tutors are wonderful mentors who have shown boundless energy, dedication, support and care by giving up their time to support the learning needs of others. The Peer Tutor of the Year is awarded to Isabella.


Soroptimists work on many levels of civil society, local, national and international in projects that advance human rights and the status of women. They work together in a spirit of friendship and fun to make the world a better place for all. Peggi Williams was a member of the SI Torrens Group. She was a woman who believed in working with the community to raise the status of young people and to advance human rights for all. Peggi Williams died tragically in a road accident in 1998. Her compassion and tireless efforts towards social justice are acknowledged through this award. This award is presented to a student who has worked at developing her leadership skills. She has a shared vision for justice in the world by being a positive role model at school, being an ambassador in the local community and assisting in global projects. She has supported different organisations and raised awareness of these through fundraising initiatives. She has always conducted herself with grace and has never hesitated to assist in any capacity possible. She has developed into an informed citizen who will continue to make a difference in the world in which we live. We congratulate Erynn, recipient of the Peggi Williams Award.


The Principal’s Art Choice Award is given to a Year 12 student of the Visual Arts. OLSH College Principal, Ms Maria Urbano selects a work that the school purchases as part of its permanent collection. Congratulations to Stella who is the recipient of this award.

PRO REGNO CHRISTI AWARD Pro Regno Christi is the College motto, meaning May Christ Reign. This award is very important as it is given to the student who lives out this College motto. This award is the highest honour, and is awarded to the Year 12 student who has lived out our college ethos to the fullest. She has consistently shown active involvement in all aspects of college life, striving for social justice, participating in the wider community, being a role model for us all, and ultimately, living out Jesus’ message. The 2021 recipient of this award is Elyse.


The OLSH Spirit of Community Award is presented to a student in the Senior Campus who participates in all OLSH events and shows great initiative to contribute beyond what is expected. The recipient of this award offers service to others, consistently demonstrates a positive attitude towards staff and students, and takes an active role in senior campus events and initiatives. The Spirit of Community Award for 2021 goes to Isabella.


The Vocational Education and Training (VET) Student of the Year Award recognises outstanding achievement by a student in a course of study leading to a nationally recognised qualification. The recipient of this award successfully undertook Vocational Education and Training, achieving a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. She worked independently and diligently and is to be congratulated on her commitment and effort. We congratulate Caitlin, VET Student of the Year for 2021.


The parents of International Students often make great sacrifices to provide an overseas education for their children. Our International scholarship provides some assistance towards the completion of an international student’s high school education. Being a recipient is the acknowledgment that active involvement, persistence, commitment and hard work does pay off.
International students who come to OLSH College are truly global citizens, making international connections through their learning, participation and contribution to the community. The Scholarship recognises the achievement and contribution of a Year 11 International student who has achieved academically but is also involved in the College and activities.
Our winner this year has worked very hard and has achieved wonderful academic results in her subjects. She is committed to her studies demonstrating an excellent attitude and tries to do her best. She has also been involved in other aspects of college life including co-curricular activities.  This student is an excellent role model for OLSH students, both International and local. The International Scholarship this year is awarded to Hannah.


The School of Languages is a specialist government school that provides students with the opportunity to study a language of their choice, and have it formally recognised as a part of their secondary education. Each year the School of Languages acknowledge the outstanding achievements of their students. We congratulate Trisha, in Year 10 who is a recipient of a SACE Stage 1 AUSLAN Continuers - Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement.


We congratulate Nhi who was recognised for her outstanding achievements in Accounting undertaken at Marden Senior College this year. Nhi was awarded a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement for gaining an A grade in Stage 2 Accounting. 


The BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards are Australia’s most prestigious school science and engineering awards. Entry to the BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards is via nomination only. Earlier this year the Oliphant Science Award judges selected 10 out of 2000 South Australian entries to enter the BHP Awards. We are delighted that Madison and Sahib (Year 9) have been selected as finalists for the BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards! Sahib and Madison are two of only 25 finalists who have been selected across Australia. We congratulate them on this outstanding achievement.


We are excited to announce that Saran will be part of the 2022 Class of Cabaret. Saran was  commended on her confidence, vocal technique, and creativity demonstrated in her audition where she performed two songs and shared a personal story as part of her performance. We look forward to seeing Saran’s growth as a songwriter and performer through this experience. 


We are thrilled to announce that amongst 75 other students the inaugural top VET student prize for 2021 was awarded to Aya. This award acknowledged Aya who was always the first to hand all her work in and complete her entire certificate. She received excellent feedback from her trainers and workplace supervisors for being diligent and caring.