At the College we take our guardianship of International Students very seriously. Parents need, above all, peace of mind when their daughters are studying overseas and we particularly assure you of our care. We believe that successful study is enhanced by living in a secure environment. The quality of your daughter’s home away from home experience will, to a great extent, predict a happy and successful future for her. The Australian Homestay Network will find a home, near Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College, for your daughter while she studies at the College. If any problems arise with a student’s homestay, they should be reported to the International Program Officer. All homestay placements are made by the Australian Homestay Network (AHN) and meet the Government commended industry standards.

At the home your daughter will:

  • have nourishing meals
  • her own fully furnished room with a desk
  • have her laundry taken care of
  • be included in family activities

A private home in a foreign country provides an opportunity to:

  • learn about Australian culture
  • form new and lasting friendships
  • constantly practise the English language
  • be in a safe and friendly environment
  • take part in leisure activities

Homestay Fee: Usual Boarding fee is $385 per week.

Laundry: Homestay families are generally responsible for washing the student’s clothes or the provision for her to do her own

Telephone: Decisions regarding the use and payment of the telephone are made with the Homestay families at the start of the student’s stay.

Transport: Homestay families will assist your daughter in travel to and from home to school. 

Homestay families really enjoy welcoming students into their home and thank you for the privilege of entrusting her to their care.

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